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Hello everyone. Well what a selection of people we have in over the last couple of days! A silver celtic band sizing for a guy from Trinidad. A lady from Zambia with an opal and diamond ring to replace an opal. A couple of guys getting tied in Portsmouth and moving to California. Couple buying bands getting Married in Jamaica. As we speak, a couple of ladies off to Australia. Well, I’m not going anywhere. where is the justice? Well , not strictly true. Off to Corfu with my son for a week(counting down the days) I already have run out of time! closing shortly. report back Tuesday. Bye . Barry

Hello everyone. It has been a little while since I last posted a blog. Well we have had to implement some staff changes which has meant that  keeping up with things like blogging, has now been left solely to me. The longer you leave it, the more difficult it gets to start it again! At least we are busy doing things, buying and selling second hand  things. The gold is moving providing you can find the right thing. We have just bought a consignment of amber. Mainly silver but there are some gold earrings and pendants. Also there is some with insects in. Prices range from £15- to £350-. One day I will get them on the website! You all need to come down and browse. I must say the weekends are heaving down here. That does not mean everybody is spending money, more like wondering, coffee drinking and people watching. Nearly every week there is something going on. Last week, everywhere you looked there was hundreds of mini’s. the week before, kid’s parade, food fair on the sea front. The lady boys of Bangkok . Oh, The list goes on! It is a shame really. I  live in Worthing.,the last place I want to come to is Brighton because I work here. .Anyway. I must go. Things to do. Bye for now. Barry

Hello Everyone. Yes, what a pleasure when we get a nice group of customers, all happy and laid back. I had to size two 18ct white gold rings down which can be challenging especially when you are on your own and serving customers as well(both went superbly!)

We had Martin and his friend Jenny all the way from Palm Springs California.What a charming Guy. You cannot believe the gratitude I get when people come in whom I have dealt with for many years. Yes, my memory is terrible with names but so what! I recognise you all. Ok it is great if you part with some cash whilst visiting but really I am just happy for a chat.

I still have to update my website with a few new designs but once I have got over a technical glitch I will do so. As Neil is away this week I am holding the fort on the bench which I enjoy as it keeps my hand in. Just making an 18ct and platinum band to lock into an Edwardian diamond ring. we make a master in silver, we can show the customer and modify if necessary and they can get a good idea of what we were suggesting in the first place.

Hopefully when I finish here I will be able to go remote control flying this evening with my son Matt. I have a helicopter called a Blade 450x (Remote I might add!) he has a quad copter and we go buzzing around a field in Worthing. Fantastic. I do like light evenings. Anyway, must go. Speak to you all soon. Barry

Hello All. Pretty horrible out there (rain and windy) never mind, never a dull moment in the shop. Buying quite a lot of gold today and just sold a nice second hand diamond ring. Everybody seems in good spirits, some days we get a batch of rude people, for no particular reason. Just stocked in a lovely 18ct rose gold 5mm court band. It has a nice, crisp hallmark , Birmingham 1923.. I bet that could tell some stories… I often think about that with some of the secondhand items. Talking of which, I was ironing yesterday morning(Wife away) and was flicking channels and came across a fly on the wall documentary on Sally Morgan, a clairevoyant. Wow, I don’t know how she does it but she nailed it with some of her audience on her tour of Britain. Anyway, texting my son to heat up shepherds pie, better go!

Hello. Well I have been a bit creative this week and managed to design and make a new band. Neil ( The other guy on the bench) and I are always trying to come up with different ideas. We always focus our designs on natural or organic. This band that I will be shortly posting on the website when I can work out how to do it is called the Fissure Band. The name connected to a crack appearing in the ground from an earthquake. I am really pleased with the result.

Well, where do I start! Business is very up and down at the moment. You cannot tell even by the weather. It can be heaving with people outside on a sunny day and yet talking to fellow traders they have all had a bad day. On another, the opposite. Perhaps I should study psychology….. I suppose the jewellery industry is handy as I could sell something as little as £5-  or £10000- .unfortunately the latter is few and far between. Overall I am more optimistic than pessimistic which is a relief for the wife. speak to you all soon.. The Boss

Peridot is the Birthstone for August.  It marks 16 years o f marriage and signifies good fortune and loyalty.  The colour has a beautiful olive or lime green appearance and looks stunning in both gold and silver jewellery.

To celebrate summer here is 50% off our ever popular bright coloured stone silver stud earrings.  Don’t go to the beach, come to the Lanes…

The engagement stone of the Royals, it was chosen by Princess Kate recently in 2010.  Sincerity and faithfulness have long been associated with this stone.  These two are needed in a good marriage.  Sapphires are also credited with bestowing favour, good health, peace and joy on the wearer.


I have been keen to make sure our prices are in line with online prices. On visiting a popular wedding ring website that deals direct and comparing them with us, even though they state ‘ THE HIGH STREET PRICE’ on a particular zirconium band was £286.14 their price £150.60 plus postage comes to total of £158.10.  Our  high street  price is £150.  My point is, don’t take website statements as fact until you have shopped around. I would say that visiting the Lanes where there is 25 jewellers all competing for business, the prices are very keen (hopefully mine the keenest!). we have customers that come from afar knowing that if they are looking for some particular trinket, they will find here in the Lanes.